Trial Transcripts

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset

The trial of Wayne Bent (Wayne Bent v. State of New Mexico) occurred in Taos, New Mexico, December 9, 2008 through December 12, 2008 with the verdict being rendered on December 15, 2008. Sentencing was on December 30, 2008. Following are transcripts from various parts of the trial. Eventually, this collection will become more complete as transcripts will be added as they become available.

Attribution for these transcripts

The work on transcribing these transcript documents from the official audio (released by the trial court) has been done by Jan Brennan. Jan is a "true crime" author, as well as a romance novel book reviewer. You can see her book about the Natalee Holloway disappearance, online, No Evidence of a Crime.

Production of typed transcripts requires playing, stopping and replaying, while typing what was said, then checking the printed copy against the original recording. Jan deserves credit for enabling students of the case to have this valuable resource.

Names Redacted

All transcripts show victims' true names redacted (substituted with initials).

Safe Room Interviews

Prior to the Grand Jury session, which was seeking indictment of Wayne Bent, Safe Room interviews were conducted with key potential witnessess. The two alleged victims were given such Safe Room interviews. The following is from the audio of the Safe Room interview with A.S., which is being played for the Grand Jury members to hear. Because this is a recording of an audio playback, some parts were not audible (those areas are indicated in the transcript). Other transcripts of additional Safe Room interviews from the Grand Jury session have been prepared and may follow later.

Safe Room Interview with A.S (prosecution witness)

Preliminary motion discussion

Prior to calling witnesses, the defense discussed excluding Wayne Bent's internet postings, expressing concern about Sam Redman as an expert prosecution witness.

Defense motion for document exclusion

Opening statements

Prosecution opening remarks

Defense Opening remarks

Prosecution Case

State Police Officer, Ben Romero - prosecution direct and defense cross

Safe Room Interviewer, Kat Duff - prosecution direct and defense cross

State Police Agent, Matthew Martinez - prosecution direct and defense cross

Courtroom discussions - various issues, including admission of certain exhibits

Elsa Sayer (victims' mother) prosecution direct

Elsa Sayer (victims' mother) defense cross, plus re-direct

John Sayer (victims' father) prosecution direct and defense cross, plus re-direct

LS (called Healed) prosecution direct

LS (called Healed) defense cross

LS (called Healed) prosecution re-direct

LS directs from judge, then final LS re-direct/re-cross

AS prosecution direct

AS defense cross

AS redirect by judge -- with defense followup

Arguments about media and next two prosecution witnesses

Prosecution direct of expert Dr. Elizabeth Dinsmore

Defense cross of expert Dr. Elizabeth Dinsmore

Prosecution direct of expert Dr. John Gordon Melton

Cross and re-direct of expert Dr. John Gordon Melton

Prosecution rested after previous witness
(The prosecution's resting declaration included previous transcript).

Defense motion for Directed Verdict to dismiss

Defense Case

Defense direct of expert Dr. Ned Seigel

Cross and re-direct of expert Dr. Ned Seigel

Defense Direct of Gabriel Travesser, plus cross and re-direct

Defense Direct of Allaso Travesser, plus cross and re-direct

Wayne Bent Defense direct

Wayne Bent Prosecution Cross

Wayne Bent Defense Re-direct

Defense direct, religion expert, Dr. Stephen O'leary, plus cross.

Defense rested after previous witness

Judge's instructions to the jury

Judge Gerald Baca, instructs the jury on the law prior to deliberation.

Closing remarks

Prosecution Closing remarks

Defense Closing remarks

Prosecution Closing rebuttal

The Verdict

Jury delivers verdict and related proceedings


Sentencing hearing proceedings - Part One

Sentencing hearing proceedings - Part Two

Sentencing hearing proceedings - Part Three

Sentencing hearing proceedings - Part Four (Conclusion)

This concluded the trial. Wayne Bent was taken into custody following these proceedings.

Los Lunas fasting

Fasting hearing while in Los Lunas prison

Bent's requests were denied and force feeding was permitted. Shortly after initial nasogastric tube food force feeding and water by intravenous injection, Bent began voluntarily eating Ensure and Glucerna brand meals.