Judge direct questions to LS. Chavez, Montoya respond.

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset

Judge's direct questions of LS -Judge Baca. Emilio Chavez does re-re-direct. Sara Montoya, does re-cross.

Judge Baca: Alright, let me ask the attorneys to approach for a moment.

Long Sidebar Jury has submitted questions that they are requesting be asked of Healed.
Judge Baca: Alright, there are some questions that I have, alright? What were the ages of the people that you lived with on the land?

L.S.: Uhm...

Judge Baca: If you know.

L.S.: Purity was fifty-four and Armahna was fifty-six I think.

Judge Baca: Ok. When you talk about God, are you talking about the defendant are you talking about another being?

L.S.: Another being.

Judge Baca: Another being?

L.S.: Yeah.

Judge Baca: What do you consider the defendant or Michael to be, God or to be something else?

L.S.: The Son of God.

Judge Baca: The Son of God?

L.S.: Yes. Messiah.

Judge Baca: When you were talking about... At one point, you were saying that you were thinking about the desire that you felt in your heart about laying naked with Michael...

L.S.: Yes.

Judge Baca: ...and that you had brought it up on one occasion with your parents. Where were they living at that point in time?

L.S.: Clayton. I think, where they’re at now.

Judge Baca: Ok, and was this... Did you talk to them about this before or after?

L.S.: Before.

Judge Baca: And did you ever talk about it again?

L.S.: Yes.

Judge Baca: After or before?

L.S.: After.

Judge Baca: After it happened, you discussed with them what happened?

L.S.: Yes. I did also talk to them another time before...

Judge Baca: Ok.

L.S.: ...it happened.

Judge Baca: So, there was two times that you talked with them before?

L.S.: I... believe I did.

Judge Baca: And did they ever say it was ok or not ok?

L.S.: No.

Judge Baca: They didn’t give you an answer?

L.S.: No. They just said that they didn’t think they were ready.

Judge Baca: That they didn’t think... Ok.

Emilio Chavez: Your Honor, I’m having a hard time hearing Healed. If you would, ask her to sit closer to the microphone.

Judge Baca: Get closer to the microphone. Alright. Was Michael dressed or undressed when you arrived at the house?

L.S.: He was undressed.

Judge Baca: Alright. And how did you know that?

L.S.: Because he told me.

Judge Baca: Where was his chest laying on your body?

L.S.: Right here.

Judge Baca: Ok. And your indicating... you might turn around so the jury might see you.

L.S.: It was right here.

Judge Baca: And you’re indicating an area about your abdomen. Is that correct?

L.S.: Yeah.

Judge Baca: Any objections to that description?

Ms. Montoya: No, your Honor.

Emilio Chavez: No objection, your Honor.

Judge Baca: Let me ask you this. Before, you said that you were not, you didn’t feel that you were special or different from anybody else on the land.

L.S.: Yeah.

Judge Baca: Did you feel special or different because you were chosen as one of the messengers?

L.S.: Well, I knew that God had given me an experience that he didn’t... ordain for others. But it wasn’t like I was holier or better than others.

Judge Baca: Did the jury hear that answer? Alright. Based on the questions that I’ve asked, does the State have any additional questions?

Ms. Montoya: Alright. I believe one of the jurors indicated that they did not hear the answer your Honor.

Judge Baca: Ok, someone didn’t hear that last answer? Alright let me ask you to turn around and answer that question.

L.S.: Ok.

Judge Baca: Go ahead and answer the question that, "Did you feel special, because you were one of the seven messengers?"

L.S.: Uhm... I knew that God had anointed me and given me an experience that he didn’t ordain for others. But it wasn’t like I was holier or better than others.

Judge Baca: Ok. And I do have one other question that I forgot. Did Michael or Mr. Bent ever ask you if it was ok that he was undressed?

L.S.: No.

Judge Baca: Was it ok with you that he was undressed?

L.S.: Yes. (spoken loudly in a determined manner) It was my desire.

Judge Baca: Ok. Alright does the State have questions based on the questions that I asked?

Emilio Chavez: Just briefly your Honor.

Judge Baca: Alright.

Emilio Chavez: We talked about the abdomen range of where his chest was.

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: So, you know you have your chest and you have your arms... So, where was his arms while you were laying chest to chest?

L.S.: I believe they were on the sides but I do not remember that.

Emilio Chavez: Would you say his arms were at his sides like this?

L.S.: I don’t remember.

Emilio Chavez: Does that appear to be a comfortable position if he was laying like that?

L.S.: No.

Emilio Chavez: No further questions.

Judge Baca: Ok. Does the Defense have additional questions based on the questions by the Court?

Ms. Montoya: You asked if you could tell if he was naked. And he told you. Was it kinda like a warning, "I’m not clothed?" Was he kinda trying to warn you?

L.S.: No. The reason I knew Michael was unclothed was I actually don’t know if I knew at first. But when I got in bed with him and we started talking Michael told me that just before I had come he had taken off his shorts or something, I don’t remember.

Ms. Montoya: Did he get unclothed because you had come?

L.S.: No.

Ms. Montoya: Ok. And when you say he is the Son of God, Messiah, would you please tell us what does the word Messiah mean to you?

L.S.: That’s kinda hard to explain.

Ms. Montoya: Am I the Son of God?

L.S.: Well, you are a Son of God.

Ms. Montoya: Are you the Son of God?

L.S.: I am a Son of God.

Ms. Montoya: So are people who believe in God the Sons of God?

L.S.: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: Thank you, nothing further.

Judge Baca: Alright. Is there any further need for this witness?

Emilio Chavez: The State excuses this witness your Honor.

Judge Baca: Alright.

Ms. Montoya: She does appear on our witness list your Honor and we’d like to have her available.

Judge Baca: Alright, you’re excused for today. You may be subject to recall later.

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