Prosecution re-direct victim L.S

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset

Prosecution re-direct examination of L.S (also called Healed and Eleana) -Emilio Chavez

Judge Baca: Alright, re-direct.

Emilio Chavez: Thank you your Honor. We request that those pictures be published to the jury.

Judge Baca: They haven’t been moved for admission.

Ms. Montoya: I’m sorry.

Emilio Chavez: Your Honor, I believe that she didn’t move.

Judge Baca: They’re requesting publication. So maybe there is no objection to the photos.

Emilio Chavez: There’s no objection to the photos.

Judge Baca: You wish to move them into evidence?

Ms. Montoya: I’ll move them into evidence now your Honor.

Judge Baca: Are we talking about photos fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty two, forty two, forty three, fifty, seventy one and seventy two?

Emilio Chavez: That’s correct your Honor.

Judge Baca: No objection by the State for them to be admitted. Alright they are admitted. Do you wish for them to be published at this point?

Emilio Chavez: May I approach the jury?

Judge Baca: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. At times, exhibits will be admitted. During the introductory and instruction, I told you that you have the right to view them. When they say they want to publish them, it basically means, have you look at them. Consistent with that instruction, I ask for each of you to look at them for yourselves, pass them down. Don’t comment to one another or discuss them amongst yourselves. Alright? Thank you. You may proceed.

Emilio Chavez: Thank you your Honor. Alright, Healed, some of the things that Ms. Montoya just talked to you about... She talked to you that Michael encouraged the followers of Strong City.

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. What are some of the things that he did to encourage the followers of Strong City?

L.S.: Uhm... well, sometimes when we were dealing with something, he would tell us all is well. And sometimes he would hold us, not necessarily naked, just hold us. And sometimes he would put his hand on our heart. And, those are some things.

Emilio Chavez: Alright, and you got the opportunity to see some of those photos that Ms. Montoya had?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And they were depicting a couple of religious ceremonies that you guys had.

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And, who was the leader of those ceremonies?

L.S.: Michael.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. Now let’s go talking about animals. You left the land, what kind of animal did you want?

L.S.: Uhm... One of the main ones I wanted was a horse.

Emilio Chavez: A horse. Ok. And why were you not able to have a horse?

L.S.: Because we didn’t have animals there. I...

Emilio Chavez: Ok. Does Strong City have a set of rules?

L.S.: Not really.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. How did you know that you weren’t allowed to have animals there?

L.S.: Well that was... when I say, "not really," that means we kinda had 'em, but not really. I mean so we couldn’t have animals, but it wasn’t like we had rules for everything.

Emilio Chavez: Let’s talk about that particular rule. Who kinda tells you the followers at Strong City they can’t have animals?

L.S.: Michael.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, and does he explain to you why?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: But he’s the one that told everybody that you can’t have animals?

L.S.: As far as I remember.

Emilio Chavez: That’s fine. In those religious ceremonies that were depicted in those pictures you just saw, there’s a whole bunch of people there, right?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ms. Montoya asked you if you thought when you went and laid naked with Michael on July thirty-first, whether that was a religious ceremony.

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Is there anybody else besides you and Michael there?

L.S.: I don’t understand the question.

Emilio Chavez: Was there any other physical person there besides you and Michael?

L.S.: No.

Emilio Chavez: Now another question that she asked, she asked you if you had ever seen Michael naked. You told us when I had direct examination that you believed he was naked. How did you know that Michael was naked?

L.S.: Well, for when he touched me and another is he told me.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, so were you able to tell that he was naked?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Now at any point in that interaction did he say, "Do we need somebody else present?"

L.S.: No.

Emilio Chavez: Did he say, "You shouldn’t lay naked until we make sure from your parents that this is ok?"

L.S.: No.

Emilio Chavez: No further questions. Thank you Healed

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