Prosecution direct of victim L.S

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset

Prosecution direct examination of L.S (also called Healed and Eleana) -Emilio Chavez

Emilio Chavez: Thank you your Honor. Good morning Miss "S.".

L.S.: Good morning.

Judge Baca: Mr. Chavez, before you begin, it might be a good idea for you to just introduce yourself so the jury... The jury has asked me who you are.

Emilio Chavez: I apologize. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Emilio Chavez and I happened to stand in for Mr. Gallegos who had a family medical emergency. And so, I’m the senior trial prosecutor with our District Attorney’s office.

Judge Baca: Ok, thank you very much. You may proceed.

Emilio Chavez: With the court’s permission, may I stand away from the podium?

Judge Baca: If we can pick you up, I just don’t want you coming too close. Ok?

Emilio Chavez: Thank you, your Honor. And I should be loud enough. Miss S., what’s your first name?

L.S.: "L."

Emilio Chavez: Is it alright if I call you L.S.?

L.S.: Well, yeah that’s ok.

Emilio Chavez: What do you prefer for me to call you by?

L.S.: I prefer Healed.

Emilio Chavez: Healed, I will refer to you as Healed.

L.S.: Ok.

Emilio Chavez: Will you please tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you?

L.S.: Seventeen

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And when is your birthday?

L.S.: August twenty-eighth.

Emilio Chavez: And I apologize, what year?

L.S.: Oh, ah ninety-one.

Emilio Chavez: And where are you currently living?

L.S.: Clayton, New Mexico.

Emilio Chavez: Alright. And where did you live previous to that?

L.S.: Strong City.

Emilio Chavez: Can you tell us a little bit about where Strong City is located?

L.S.: It’s about forty miles outside of Clayton, out in the plains.

Emilio Chavez: And I know you may be nervous. I’m going to be asking questions. Try to speak up take your time. It’s ok. How long did you live at Strong City?

L.S.: Well, we lived there for a few months and then our family moved off and got a house in two thousand. And we lived at that house for about a year and then we moved our family moved back, my parents and my sister and I moved back to Strong City, and we were there for four years, I think. I think we moved off again, our whole family moved off in two thousand and five.

Emilio Chavez: And when you say your whole family, who are you detailing?

L.S.: My dad, my mom, and my sister.

Emilio Chavez: And what’s your dad’s name?

L.S.: John.

Emilio Chavez: And what’s your mother’s name?

L.S.: Elsa.

Emilio Chavez: And how about your sister?

L.S.: A.S.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. So, in two thousand and four, where did you move? Two thousand and five.

L.S.: Two thousand and five, we moved to my aunt and uncle’s house, where they had a house in Capulin, and we moved there. And we were there for about two weeks.

Emilio Chavez: Ok.

L.S.: And my sister wanted to go back to the land. And so, I refer to Strong City as the land. I know it as the land, so if I say the land,then I’m talking about Strong City.

Emilio Chavez: I understand. So you refer to Strong City as the land.

L.S.: Yeah.

Emilio Chavez: And is there a reason you refer to Strong City as the land?

L.S.: Uhm... Well, I guess when we first moved there, it was called the "new land," because it was the new land, because we had just moved there. (laughs a little) It is kinda hard to explain.

Emilio Chavez: Was there anybody that started referring to it as the land at Strong City?

L.S.: I don’t remember.

Emilio Chavez: You don’t remember. So in two thousand and five, you left for two weeks and then where did you go?

L.S.: It was after two weeks that my sister went back and... I believe it was a month, two weeks after she went back, a month total, after we had all moved off that I went back. And...

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And did your parents go back with you?

L.S.: No, they stayed.

Emilio Chavez: So where did you and your sister, A.S. live?

L.S.: We lived with two friends at the land, and one of them is somewhat related to us, and the other one... Well, actually both of them are somewhat related to us.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, you want to explain who you lived with and the relation as you know it?

L.S.: Like, you want the names?

Emilio Chavez: If you wouldn’t mind. What are the names of the people you lived with?

L.S.: Louise and Verna. I was trying to remember her name. They... I don’t know them by those names. I know...

Emilio Chavez: What names do you know them by?

L.S.: Purity and Armahna.

Emilio Chavez: And how are they...? You said they were kinda related to you. How are they kinda related to you?

L.S.: Well uhm... Armahna was my dad’s stepsister’s mom. (laughter)

Emilio Chavez: Ok. (laughter)

L.S.: And Purity was my dad’s stepsister’s mom’s brother’s wife’s brother’s wife or ex-wife.

(by now the whole court room is laughing)

So it was kinda...

Emilio Chavez: I see, Healed, why you said they were kinda related. (laughter) Ok. So you moved back onto the land. Healed, what did you do next? What was the next part of your life?

L.S.: Uhm...

Emilio Chavez: Let me break that down to simpler questions.

L.S.: Ok.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, so you moved back in and you lived with these two people?

L.S.: Uhm.. uh huh.

Emilio Chavez: ...who have an extended relationship of some sort. Ok. And let’s talk about what your daily life was like. What did you do on a daily basis?

L.S.: I don’t really remember for sure, but I believe I helped do things. I remember helping Ahmana, she would grow sprouts and grow wheat grass and I would help her with that. And I would help do things around the land for other people. I’d clean houses and for people.

Emilio Chavez: Now, did you go to school?

L.S.: No.

Emilio Chavez: Ok.

L.S.: Well, I kinda did school, off and on. And sometimes I would do it and sometimes I wouldn’t.

Emilio Chavez: That’s fair enough. Ok. Now, and I apologize, and correct me on the proper name is Strong City. How did the whole overall operation work? How did everybody interact together?

L.S.: As a family.

Emilio Chavez: As a family?

L.S.: Yeah.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, and you know with families, there’s a head of the family. Was there somebody that was sorta like the head of your big family?

L.S.: I guess you could call it that. Yeah.

Emilio Chavez: And, please explain... Who was the kinda head of your family?

L.S.: Michael.

Emilio Chavez: Michael. And when you’re saying Michael, who are you talking about?

L.S.: Wayne Bent.

Emilio Chavez: And you refer to him as Michael?

L.S.: Yeah.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And is he in the court room today?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And you described him as the head of the family. How did that...? What did he do?

L.S.: (no response)

Emilio Chavez: Let me ask it a different way. Did he talk to the members of Strong City on a regular basis?

L.S.: Yeah. And it kinda varied, because we never had set things.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, that’s fine. What are some of the things that he would talk to you about?

L.S.: I... I can’t really think of anything right now. I mean...

Emilio Chavez: That’s fine. What about...? Is there some things that you came living on Strong City to believe in?

L.S.: (long silence)

Well,uhm... I guess I have an answer for your last question. Michael talked... Well, Michael shared with us what Father gave, would give him, when he would talk with us in meetings. And he would share prophecies that God had revealed to him and... he would share... he would talk about... the families and how and he would talk about marriages and how if you’re in a dysfunctional relationship why be married? Or Michael taught us a lot of what following God is really like. And how it is. And it costs you everything. And so, that’s some of what Michael would talk to us about.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, and so sounds like... Did you listen to what Michael was saying?

L.S.: mm huh, mm huh... Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And, did you believe what Michael was saying?

L.S.: Yes. And...

Emilio Chavez: Go ahead.

L.S.: I had a knowing in my heart that what Michael was saying was true. And if I knew what Michael was saying wasn’t true, I wouldn’t have been there.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. So you believed that what Michael was telling you was true?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And so did you follow Michael?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Now you know why we’re here today?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: So let’s fast forward a little bit to July of two thousand and six. Do you remember around that time?

L.S.: Do I remember around that time?

Emilio Chavez: Yes.

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. Now what happened...? What happened in early July?

L.S.: Well, I remember it was around the beginning of July, I started really feeling a great need for...

(Noise in the court room)

Emilio Chavez: I apologize. Would you please repeat that.

L.S.: Uhm... I remember it was around the beginning of July, I started really feeling a great need for some... I was feeling a great need for God and I started going and visiting with Michael and just sharing with him the things that were on my heart, sharing the need I was feeling. And sharing what God was revealing to me and about myself. And so, that was the early part of July.

Emilio Chavez: And were you talking with other girls on the compound about what you were feeling?

L.S.: Not at the time.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, a little bit later... You said, "Not at the time." Did you ever talk with other people on the compound about what you were feeling?

L.S.: Well yeah. At one point. I don’t remember when it started.

Emilio Chavez: What was...? So let me ask the question a little more particularly. Was there other girls that were going and talking to Michael about the same thing during the same time you were?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Was your sister?

L.S.: I don’t believe so.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And what were some of the things that you were talking to Michael about?

L.S.: Well, I don’t really remember everything that I talked to him about, but I do remember one instance where I went and shared with Michael some things that God had been showing me and those things were... I had been seeing little connections of things that had caused my insecurities in my life and the things that... Like I saw, I was seeing how my growing up years, how they shaped the way I felt inside, and how I viewed God. And so, those. I remember that was one time I went and shared with him.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, is there anything he told you about these feelings?

L.S.: (long pause)

I don’t remember.

Emilio Chavez: Did he tell you how to interpret these feelings or what these feelings may mean?

L.S.: I don’t think so. I think he just shared with me... Like he thanked me for sharing with him what God had been revealing to me, like it blessed him. But, I don’t really remember him telling me that... like what my feelings meant or anything.

Emilio Chavez: Now, during this time and this is tough and I know you’ve had people... Maybe, you think, you’ve seen people misinterpreting this, but what was the idea at that time with... I believe it was, the seven virgins?

L.S.: Well, Michael had... He sent an email out to nine young people and asked if he could visit with us. And in the little meeting, we had with him, he shared that he had went on a walk and got it revealed to him that the young people... would finish the work of God. And he saw it in connection with the seven last plagues in Revelation.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, and I apologize, at that time were you referred to as Healed? Or, did you have another name?

L.S.: I had another name at the time and it was Eleana.

Emilio Chavez: I apologize, what was that name?

L.S.: Eleana.

Emilio Chavez: Eleana. Ok. Now, fast forward into the end of July. Was there any point where you went to Michael’s private residence?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And please tell us a little bit about why you felt the need to do that?

L.S.: Well,... On July thirty-first, I had been feeling a really, really great need and... for God. And that evening we had a little meeting with the seven virgins or seven messengers. And... I believe I shared with the girls that I had been feeling some things I was... I had been having a hard day. And I don’t remember if I shared what I was dealing with, but after the meeting my sister and I went home and my sister was sharing with me, just trust Father, trust God. And like with what I was feeling and what I was dealing with and I don’t even really remember exactly what I was dealing with now...

Emilio Chavez: It was a long time ago.

L.S.: Yeah. And so I went to bed and something kept coming to me, something Michael had told me and he said, "I believe in you." And it’s like, it touched my heart. And it’s like... I don’t really know how to explain it, it just touched me.

Emilio Chavez: It was something you felt?

L.S.: Yeah.

Emilio Chavez: And so about what time did you go over to visit with Michael?

L.S.: It was about ten, I believe. No, it was eleven. Yeah, it was eleven.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And did you have to ask anybody’s permission to go over there, or how does that happen?

L.S.: No... I just did what was on my heart. It wasn’t like I was restricted or anything. I just... But I didn’t tell anyone I was going. Everyone was in bed and uh... Can I share something before I went? Like how it came to me to go?

Emilio Chavez: Please do.

L.S.: Ok... as it kept coming to me what Michael had told me. This drawing kept coming, welling deep up from deep in my heart to lie naked with Michael. And I wanted him to hold me skin to skin with him. And I wanted him to... I wanted to be vulnerable with him and that was what I was feeling, my great need was to get naked, to not hide my heart. And this drawing kept getting stronger and stronger and stronger and finally I didn’t want to be in my own bed anymore, I wanted to be with Michael. And I couldn’t I could not stay. I had to go to Michael and share with him what was on my heart. And so that’s how I went.

Emilio Chavez: Thank you. And so you went over to his residence. Did you knock on the door?

L.S.: I stood outside of his window and his bedroom window. And... I was just praying to God, because I wanted what God wanted. And if he wanted me to, if he wanted to give me this desire that was in my heart, then I wanted to. I was praying for him to bring it to pass. But, I was also yielded and to him in what he wanted and if he didn’t want that for me, I was willing to let my desire go. And these things were on my heart, while I was outside of Michael’s window. And I was there for about half an hour. And I told God, I said, "Father," I said, "If you want me to go into Michael, open it up. And it was like, right after that, Michael called out the window. And I wasn’t praying out loud. I was just... It was more like just internal.

Emilio Chavez: He heard your thoughts?

L.S.: Yeah. And... So Michael called out the window and asked if anyone was there and I said, "Yes." And he asked me who it was. And I told him it was Eleana. And he asked me if there was something on my heart, because it was late. (laughing) And here I am outside his window and... so I told him, "Yes," that there was something on my heart. And he asked me, "Well do you want to come in share it with me?" And I said, "Yes." And so I went in and then our...

Emilio Chavez: And I apologize let me stop you there.

L.S.: Ok.

Emilio Chavez: What type of residence was this?

L.S.: A park model home. I don’t know what it’s called. It looks kinda like a house, but it’s kinda like a trailer. I don’t really know how to explain it.

Emilio Chavez: Had you been there before?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Could you tell us a little bit about the rooms? You said it was a park mobile home?

L.S.: Yeah, something...

Emilio Chavez: Ok. Could you tell us a little bit about the rooms of the residence?

L.S.: Uhm... Well, it’s small and the living room's pretty small the kitchen’s quite small. And the bedroom’s quite small. I mean, I don’t really know how to explain it.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. Let me start this way. When you enter the door, what room do you enter?

L.S.: The hallway and the bathroom is right in front of the door.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And is there any rooms to your right as you enter?

L.S.: It goes to the kitchen and living room.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And then what is to your left?

L.S.: Michael’s bedroom.

Emilio Chavez: Alright. So you entered and what did you do next?

L.S.: I went and sat on the edge of his bed. And... we began talking about my day. And I guess, well, I don’t guess, one of the virgins had, or young ladies, after the meeting had visited Michael and shared that I had been having a hard day. And I had been dealing with some things. And so we kinda was talking about... we were kinda talking about that. And then I said, Well, I actually came to tell you..." And then I shared with him what was on my heart. I told him that it was strongly on my heart to lay naked with him. And that I wanted it to be skin to skin.

Emilio Chavez: And did Michael respond in any way when you told him that?

L.S.: I believe he was kinda quiet and then he asked me what I thought it would do for me.

Emilio Chavez: And what did you respond?

L.S.: I told him that I wanted to be vulnerable and naked with God and...

(long pause)

So I... Oh, I remember what else... I told him, "I need, I want something deeper. I want something, something more than I have. I want something that I don’t have." And it’s like...

Emilio Chavez: I know it’s hard to explain.

L.S.: Yeah.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, did you ever talk to your parents about this need, prior to going to Michael’s?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And what did your parents tell you?

L.S.: Well, when I first asked my parents, I did not specifically ask them if I could lay naked with Michael. I asked if I could... if he could hold me on the bed, but not with our clothes off. They thought I was asking to lie naked when I was asking. And that got brought up in that conversation. I didn’t make it very clear to my parents what was in my heart. But, I think they were aware that it was, it was something on my heart. And they told me that... they didn’t feel free to let me. And that they would have to pray about it. But they, they weren’t... They didn’t give any objections or like, I mean, saying, "No, you can’t." They did not give me, "No" or, "Yes." They just said that they would have to think about it.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. So is it fair to say, or correct me if I’m wrong, was it easier to tell Michael what was on your heart, than fully tell your parents what was on your heart?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Alright, so you’re talking to Michael, you tell him what is on your heart and what happens next?

L.S.: Michael is quiet for a little while and then he said, "You may." And I didn’t realize at first that he meant I really could. And... so I didn’t say anything. And I was just quiet and then he asked me, "Are you afraid?" And all of a sudden I realized he really meant it and I excitedly told him, You mean right now? And take my clothes off and get in bed with you?" And he said, "Yes." And... and so I asked him, I said, "But what about my parents?" And he told me, "Well, they said that they trusted me." And I didn’t say that, earlier that they had said that, but they did say that. And you know, they had shared that they didn’t... they had to think about it, but they trusted Michael. And... it was that same night, the desire was so strong on me that I felt like I just had to follow my heart and I... That same night I almost thought about calling my parents and saying, "I have to. And...," but I didn’t.

Emilio Chavez: At that point did you take your clothes off?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. What was Michael wearing at the time?

L.S.: Nothing. I don’t think. Yeah, he was not wearing anything.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, did you crawl into bed with Michael?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Did you guys begin to talk at that time?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: What did you talk about?

L.S.: I don’t remember.

Emilio Chavez: You don’t remember?

L.S.: I know that we shared. I shared with him this desire that had been building up in me to lie naked with him and I wanted it skin to skin. And... we just talked about different things. I don’t really remember. It was a lot. It had a lot to do with everything that had been happening with me.

Emilio Chavez: So did you lay skin to skin at that point?

L.S.: Well, at first I was, there was distance in between Michael and I. And after a little while, he held me closer, but I don’t remember if he held me completely next to him or if there was a little distance in between us. I don’t remember.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And that’s easy, let’s talk about how he held you. Did he grasp you with his arms? Did he just hold your arms? How did he embrace you?

L.S.: We were on, we were laying on our sides. And he put his arm, I believe, on my back, but I don’t..., kinda like embracing me with his arm around me. It’s... I don’t really remember everything that happened.

Emilio Chavez: And you’ve had a lot of opportunities to talk to a lot of people about what you remember happening. Ok. Did you ever tell anybody that he put his chest on your chest?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok and did that happen?

L.S.: He did put his chest on me, but he did not put it on, directly on my breasts.

Emilio Chavez: Why do you give us that clarification?

L.S.: Well,

(long pause)

When I was interviewed at the safe room, I wasn’t clear about... I couldn’t remember exactly how Michael had laid his chest on me. I knew he had, but I couldn’t remember exactly how. And I remember other times, when we had been both clothed and he laid on me, his chest on me, so it’s like I got 'em mixed up. And, I don’t remember ever, Michael ever touching my breasts. And this is one reason, why I know he didn’t lay on, his chest directly on me.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. Is it fair to say that you’re afraid of the implications, if he touched your breasts? Or the repercussions?

long pause

L.S.: I don’t think so.

Emilio Chavez: Michael is a lot bigger than you. Is that fair to say? So, if he put his chest on your body somewhere, it would take up a good portion of your body.

(silence, waiting for answer)

Yes or no? I’m sorry...

L.S.: Well...


Michael didn’t lay his whole body on me. It was just his chest and it was below my breast. Hnd he laid his head on my heart.. here.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. So, please, if you can... Where’s he laying, next to you? When he puts his chest below your breasts and his head on your heart?

L.S.: Where was I laying?

Emilio Chavez: Where was he laying in comparison to you?


Judge Baca: There's a cellphone in this courtroom. Please turn it off. You can continue.

L.S.: Umm... His body was next to me, but it, I don’t, I remember it was just his chest that was touching me.

Emilio Chavez: And Healed, I know these questions are very tough. I’m trying to make them as easy as possible. Ok. Just one second.

pause Ok

During this interaction with Michael, did he ever put his hand on your heart?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And, uh... were you still not wearing clothes?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, can you please demonstrate to the members of the jury where his hand was.

L.S.: Right here.

Emilio Chavez: (very quietly) Can you show ... Ok.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And while you were laying in the bed, was there any blanket between you guys? Any sheet between you?

L.S.: At first there was, but not later.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. What happened afterwards?


I apologize your Honor, may we approach?

Judge Baca: Certainly.

muffled sounds... sidebar

Emilio Chavez: I apologize, Healed.

L.S.: Ok

Emilio Chavez: So. Ok. You had this interaction with Michael. How were you feeling at this time?

L.S.: (Crying, sobbing for 42 seconds)

L.S.: (sobbing)That I love Michael.

L.S.: (crying, sobbing for several more seconds)

Emilio Chavez: Your Honor, the State would request a five minute recess.

Judge Baca: Is there any objection to a five minute recess? Alright we will be in recess for five minutes. The jury is excused. Please stand.

Judge Baca: Please rise for the jury. We are on the record, in the manner of the State against Wayne Bent. We had recessed for a moment to allow the witness to gather herself. All counsel and the defendant are present the witness is back on the witness stand and the jury is present. You may proceed.

Emilio Chavez: Thank you your Honor. And L.S. again I know this is very difficult, so just a couple more questions and we’ll be done. So, after this, I asked you a little bit of how you were feeling. I don’t want to go back there. Did you get dressed?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. What did you do after that?

L.S.: I waited for Michael to get dressed and he walked me back to my home.

Emilio Chavez: Now. And I apologize for calling you L.S. I know you like going by Healed or you go by Healed. How did that name come about?

L.S.: Well, it was a year before I went to Michael that I had been asking God for a new name and I had a vision and I saw the word Healed, all in caps and I knew that was my name. I knew God was telling me that was my new name. But, he never told me to use it. And it was two years later, a year after I went to Michael, that God told me to start using it. And he revealed to me that he had. He was taking me through a process of healing me and he was bringing "Healed" as my experience and he was bringing it to maturity in my heart and so, that’s how I started to go by the name, Healed.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And did you start writing a little bit about this on your web site?

L.S.: I wrote a testimony yes but it wasn’t published right away.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, and so what was your testimony. You don’t have to get into all the details, but what is the testimony?

L.S.: It basically shared in detail my whole process from before I went to Michael and after and things that had happened after I went to Michael.

Emilio Chavez: And did you also start keeping a journal at any point?

L.S.: I started keeping a journal... I kept a journal before so I don’t remember really when I started.

Emilio Chavez: Was there a journal in this case that was ever taken away?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And have you seen that journal since?

L.S.: No.

Emilio Chavez: If you saw that journal would you recognize if it was yours?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Would you recognize if there were any changes to that journal?

L.S.: I think I probably could.

Emilio Chavez: May I approach the witness, your Honor?

Judge Baca: Yes. Has that been marked?

Emilio Chavez: It has not, your Honor. And your Honor, I’m going to mark the actual bag.

Judge Baca: Alright. Will that be State’s number one?

Emilio Chavez: This will be marked State’s exhibit one, your Honor. Now Healed, I’m handing you what has been previously marked as State’s exhibit one a second ago. Please take the contents out of that bag and take as much time as you need to review that.

L.S.: Ok

(Long period of silence, while Healed looks over what is her journal)

Emilio Chavez: Your honor. If I may continue my questions?

Judge Baca: Certainly.

Emilio Chavez: Alright, Healed, have you had a good opportunity to look at your journal? About how long has it been since you’ve seen that journal?

L.S.: Seven and a half months.

Emilio Chavez: You seem to know that pretty well. Does it look like... is this your journal?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: Is it in substantially the same condition as you remember it?

L.S.: I believe so.

Emilio Chavez: State moves State’s exhibit one into evidence.

Judge Baca: Any objections?

Ms. Montoya: Relevance, your Honor?

Judge Baca: unintelligible sound, probably directed to Chavez

Emilio Chavez: Your Honor, if I may continue with the witness, I’ll explain the relevance.

Judge Baca: Ok.

Emilio Chavez: Healed, what are some of the things that you detailed in your journal?

L.S.: My desire to be intimate with Michael.

Emilio Chavez: Your Honor, the State moves State’s Exhibit One into evidence.

Judge Baca: Alright. Any further objections?

Ms. Montoya: May we approach?

Judge Baca: Certainly. Sidebar

Judge Baca: Alright, the objection is overruled. I will admit the portion of the journal that relates to this matter and not the entire journal. The State may proceed.

Emilio Chavez: One moment your Honor.

Judge Baca: Certainly.

Emilio Chavez: Alright, Healed. I apologize for the delay. In your journal did you write some of the things that happened on July thirty-first?

L.S.: Yes. Emilio Chavez: Now were those detailed just around that time or throughout the whole journal?

L.S.: I didn’t understand your question.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. I probably didn’t ask it clearly. Let me start over. The things, when you laid naked with Michael on July thirty-first, two thousand and six, were some of those things were those detailed throughout your journal or just a couple of pages?

L.S.: Ah... in just a few pages. I think. It’s what I observed. I hardly remember what I wrote in here, so I was just looking... and remembering things I wrote.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And is there page numbers on your journal?

L.S.: No

Emilio Chavez: And your Honor if I may approach the witness? Do we have those stickies?

Judge Baca: Certainly.

Emilio Chavez: Now Healed, I’m handing you a number of yellow stickies and I believe you’d be the one most able to tell us when you were writing about that night. Would you please take the time to go the journal and mark those pages with those yellow stickies?

Ms. Montoya: Your Honor, while she’s doing that, may we approach?

Judge Baca: Yes. Sidebar

Emilio Chavez: Healed, I’m sorry I have a couple of other questions for you. This particular journal, when did you originally write these entries?

L.S.: Well, they each have dates.

Emilio Chavez: Umm... I noticed that some are type-written. Did you write them in two thousand and six or did you write them at a later date?

L.S.: They were written on the days that, there’s dates to 'em. And... the dates are written in hand writing. They’re not printed, but the time’s printed.

Emilio Chavez: Ok. And so did you write this journal in considerable amount of time after, after July thirty-first, two thousand and six?

L.S.: Yes I started it in March of... oh, January this year.

Emilio Chavez: Of this year?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And why did you start keeping this journal on January of this year?

L.S.: Because... I ran out of other journals.

Emilio Chavez: Ok, so there was other journals that you had written closer to two thousand and six?

L.S.: Yes.

Emilio Chavez: And this is not the journal?

L.S.: No.

Emilio Chavez: Your Honor, the State.. withdraws the moving of State’s Exhibit one.

Judge Baca: Alright. It’s withdrawn.

Emilio Chavez: May I approach your Honor?

L.S.: You want both?

Emilio Chavez: There’s no further questions your Honor.

Judge Baca: Alright.

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