Defense Re-direct of Wayne Bent

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset

Defense Redirect Examination of Wayne Bent

Ms. Montoya: If L.S. had come to you in the barn, during the middle of a meeting would you still have laid your hand upon her and given her what she requested?

Wayne Bent: What...?

Ms. Montoya: She told you God sent her.

Wayne Bent: What would uh... That’s a loaded question, because, what if she requested to rob a bank? Could you give me a specific?

Ms. Montoya: Well, I guess what the D.A. is trying to do is say, it’s wrong, because it was in your house, in the dark and alone.

Wayne Bent: I see.

Ms. Montoya: Why in your mind was this not normal?

Wayne Bent: Well, as I said, I’m duty bound to assist the faith of others and what their conscience directs. And she just didn’t have it any other way. If she would have come in clothed and said, "I want to be on your bed clothed," that’s how it would have been. I was just following her instructions and A.S.’s instructions also.

Ms. Montoya: And do you recall, Mr. Benevidez asked about touching A.S.’s stomach. Do you recall A.S. telling you about a chigger bite?

Wayne Bent: Yes, I do.

Ms. Montoya: And what was that about?

Wayne Bent: Well, she had a bite and while she was laying there naked... she was pointing out her bite. We were... we were talking together. She and I were sharing about a personal subject that she had to talk about and she just inserted this, that she had a bite. So I said, "Well, I’ve got a little something that might help you with that and that’s called a zapper and it changes the protein structure of the poison that an insect puts in it and it heals the bite." So, we use it on the land all the time whenever we get mosquito bites or anything like that. We just get rid of them right away with this little zapper.

Ms. Montoya: And so you zapped the chigger bite?

Wayne Bent: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: Where was that at?

Wayne Bent: Well, it was just right on her stomach, I think.

Ms. Montoya: Ok.

Wayne Bent: From what I'm recalling.

Here is a long period of silence. It is impossible to know what is happening. Seems to be a setting up of photographs.

Judge Baca: Yes.


Ms. Montoya: Mr. Bent, I’m going to show you photographs, marked defendant’s exhibit 38,39,40,41 and 47. Would you please look at those photographs? Look through them. Do you recognize the scenes depicted in those photographs?

Wayne Bent: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: What’s depicted in those photographs?

Wayne Bent: It’s the pouring out of the plagues.

Ms. Montoya: And this is done by the people called the seven virgins or the seven messengers?

Wayne Bent: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: This comes from the 16th chapter of Revelations?

Wayne Bent: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: Now these seven messengers or seven virgins in the photographs are they dressed in a particular manner?

Wayne Bent: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: How are they dressed?

Wayne Bent: In white linen.

Ms. Montoya: What was the purpose to white linen?

Wayne Bent: To... image the scriptures who says that’s what the angels were dressed in.

Ms. Montoya: What does the scripture say the angels are dressed in?

Wayne Bent: Well, white linen.

Ms. Montoya: And uh...

Wayne Bent: And golden girdles. And that’s those gold things on there.

Ms. Montoya: And you recognize these photographs from that ceremony?

Wayne Bent: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: Do the photographs accurately depict the scene as it was on that day?

Wayne Bent: Oh, sure. Yeah.

Ms. Montoya: Move defendant exhibits which have their proffer to defendant into your Honor.

Judge Baca: The State objections?

Tomas Benevidez: No, your Honor.

Judge Baca: Alright, they are admitted.

Ms. Montoya: Now, let’s be clear, since the State brought up seven virgins or seven messengers, the fact that the word, virgins, is used... Were they, was the pouring out of the seven plagues intended to be a sexual experience?

Wayne Bent: No. Probably more accurately, seven messengers is correct, seven angels. And the reason virgins came in was most of those who poured out, or who came to me and said that they were one of the angels happened to be virgins. So we called them seven virgins and then seven messengers after that because there weren’t really seven virgins that poured it out.

Ms. Montoya: Ok, so the purpose wasn’t to defile or sacrifice any virgins?

Wayne Bent: No, no, no.

Ms. Montoya: Ok. And this was a religious ceremony?

Wayne Bent: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: In those photographs, neither A.S. nor L.S. appears. Is that correct?

Wayne Bent: That’s correct.

Ms. Montoya: Were they not a part of the pouring out ceremony?

Wayne Bent: That’s correct.

Ms. Montoya: Thank you. Nothing further.

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