A collection of related videos

There are many videos related to the Strong City situation. Following are some of them.

The Finished Work

This almost two hour (113 min) video was produced by the Strong City group as an answer to the BBC documentary (which you can see in segments below). The description of "The Finished Work" was as follows, "This documentary about the Strong City cult, tells what National Geographic left out."

Special Trial video (shows hand on chests)

The following video was prepared by the StrongCity people to be used in the trial. The purpose seems obvious, to demonstrate that Wayne often put his hand on people's chests (in the sternum area). It was played in the defense attorney's summation, but the judge ruled that the sound had to be off. They then published it on their site when the jury went home for the weekend while they were still deliberating (perhaps hoping jury members might see it from their homes). It was to no avail. He was convicted on three counts and will be sentenced December 29, 2008.

Ironically, this video might have helped seal his fate to be determined guilty. In the prosecution's summation, Emilio Chavez made the point that if Bent's hand was on a young woman's sternum, it must have also touched at least part of the breast (which is illegal). Watching the video and seeing the placement of Wayne's hand repeatedly, where he had it on various chests, his hand would have (more than just slightly) touched a naked breast. It is possible that the defense actually proved the prosecution's point better than mere words could have done. Bent in his post-trial discussion (on the Home page tab) recognized that Chavez's summary is what did him in, but he failed to realize that it might have been his own self-serving video that solidified the argument.

Dr Phil Show about Strong City

This is the excerpted segment (includes the commercials) on the Dr Phil show about cults which pertains to Strong City. Look for the bizarre commercial which shows the Catholic nun causing a "sinner" to be struck down by God (no joke that's in there). Was that commercial handpicked or was it just "providential" that it appeared on this show? Who knows?

The British Video

End of the World Cult Part One

End of the World Cult Part Two

End of the World Cult Part Three

End of the World Cult Part Four

End of the World Cult Part Five

Jeff Bent after the first arrest

News report -suicide watch

Wayne Bent Prophesies his Death in prison

Part One of Six - Second National Geographic Special

Part Two of Six - Second National Geographic Special

Part Three of Six - Second National Geographic Special

Part Four of Six - Second National Geographic Special

Part Five of Six - Second National Geographic Special

Part Six of Six - Second National Geographic Special

Look here for additional updates on videos about the New Mexico religious group and the ongoing developments in the court case involving the church's leader, Wayne Bent.

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