Misty Sayer's statement of support

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset

My legal name is Misty Sayer, and I am also known as Liberty Travesser. I am the aunt of A.S. and L.S., and I also helped raise both the girls. I was one of the witnesses Judge Baca prohibited from testifying at Wayne Bent's trial, and I would like to share with you what I could have testified to, if I had been allowed to testify.

Like AS and LS, I was one of the seven "angels" — or seven "virgins" or "messengers" — that fulfilled the scripture of Revelation 15 and 16, "Then I saw in heaven another significant event, and it was great and marvelous. Seven angels were holding the seven last plagues, which would bring God's wrath to completion." Rev. 15:1 New Living Translation. God chose seven of us young people and put it on our hearts to pour out the seven last plagues upon the earth.

The way it happened was, back in July of 2006 God showed Michael that the young people in the land had something to do with pouring out these seven last plagues. So on July 13, 2006, Michael invited the young people to a little meeting at his house. And it wasn't just the girls, either, as Ben Anthony wrongly and maliciously accused Michael of in the movie he invented about us. In this meeting, Michael shared with us young people what God had shown him, and then he asked us to go ask God if we were one of the seven angels to pour out the plagues upon the earth. Two of the young people were not present at that meeting; I was one of them.

All of the young people asked God, individually, what His work and plan for each of them was, in regard to the plagues. Michael never picked any of the seven angels. It was God alone who showed each of us, in our own individual ways, that He had chosen us. Then, those of us that God had communicated with regarding this, and had also shown us which specific plague was on His heart for us to pour out, went and shared that with Michael.

Even though I was not at that meeting, nor was I asked to pray about whether I was one of the seven angels, God showed me very clearly that I was. I never talked with Michael about these things, and He NEVER told me I was one of the seven. It was God alone Who told me who I was. On the night of July 20th 2006, while alone, lying upon my bed as I was praying, God gave me a vision. He opened up before me that I was one of the seven angels described in Revelation 16. When He told me this, inside I felt I had just been given Life. It was like lightning to my soul. I KNEW that I was one of the seven angels in Revelation 16, and I knew exactly what angel I was and I told Michael very plainly. I was secure in what God showed me.

The seven angels, or seven messengers, began having little meetings whenever God placed it upon our hearts. In these meetings we would pray and share the things that had blessed us during the day. The DA insinuated that Michael was at these meetings and influenced the young people to lie naked with him. But this is not true. Michael only came to two of these meetings with the seven. In those meetings with us Michael just encouraged us to do what God placed upon our hearts, and prayed with us. Other than this, Michael had nothing to do with any of our meetings. Us girls only came together and met when it was on our hearts, and they were very sweet times where we would pray together, asking God to show us our work and put on us what He wanted us to do, and also asking His special blessing and help for each other and for the land. We also shared our hearts to help and encourage each other. This was the purpose for these meetings.

The trial was full of people accusing Michael of "using his authority" to get us to do things like, be naked with him present, but Michael never ever once came even close to insinuating to any of us that we should do that or needed to do that. I want to share with you how it came to be that I requested this of him. Like LS, I too had been molested as a child, but by a close relative. I am extremely sensitive, and this molestation caused me to become very closed off inside and I couldn't let people get close to my heart. I had built so many prison walls of fear around my heart to protect me from getting hurt again, and because of these walls I felt like I was dying inside. My heart couldn't breathe from all the pain I had locked up inside me. I so desperately needed to be accepted and loved but didn't know how to break free from these torments. I always felt like God was condemning me and that I could never please Him no matter how hard I tried. I was also afraid of men, and I always felt like I didn't fit in with anyone, like the ugly duckling. I longed to never shrink back in fear again—no matter what might happen, what anyone might say, do, or think toward me.

About three weeks after God had told me I was one of the seven angels, He drew me to request of Michael to lay "skin to skin" with him. To me this meant that Michael would be naked and I would be naked. Even though I never saw Michael's complete nakedness, I felt like just knowing he was naked would help me because there would then be nothing between our hearts. I personally felt like it had to be a physical act of nakedness in order to receive that healing inside, that that is what it would take in order to break the stronghold of those old walls within me so my heart could finally heal. It meant not having anything hidden, and mainly it was my heart that would no longer be hidden. I did not ask Michael for this because I was feeling pressured, I only did this because God put it on my heart to help break me free from the walls I had built from the experiences I had had in my past.

In the Bible, "baptism" and the "laying on of hands" were acts of human touch that were meant to usher in a spiritual experience. People were given physical things to do that had spiritual results. Human physical activity was required by God for the deliverance of a spiritual blessing, and the way the spiritual blessing was given, was through human touch. This is the footnote in the Bible for "laying on of hands": "The imposition of hands was a sacred rite transmitted by the Jews to the Christians, and employed in praying for another, or in conferring upon him divine blessings, especially bodily health, or the Holy Spirit." Laying naked with Michael was healing to my soul like being baptized, or the laying on of hands as the Bible describes.

When I knocked on Michael's door, he invited me into his house. We sat down in two chairs that were in the living room. He asked me what was on my heart. I asked him if I could lay "skin to skin" with him in his bed. He wanted to know why I wanted this, and how I thought it would help me. My heart's desire was to be healed from all these walls of fear and hurt from my past. Michael then said we may do this. He then said I could undress in the bathroom if I wanted, and he would undress in his bedroom and get into his bed. After I was undressed I then came into his bedroom and got into the bed with Michael. Michael was always covered. I never saw nor felt any of Michael's private parts.

As I laid beside Michael, he placed his hand upon my sternum. It felt like his hand was going all the way inside my heart and healing all those painful places. Then Michael placed his hand on my stomach, because I have always held SO much stress there, and this helped me relax. His touch was so healing, because he was healing my heart, like no doctor could heal. It felt like He was healing those wounds that were so deep and that I had felt for so long. Michael also kissed me gently on the lips. To me, the lips represent speaking the honest truth. The kiss gave me the ability to be honest about what is in me, so I could be who I am. The way that Michael kissed me was like how the Bible tells us to kiss the brethren with a holy kiss. There was not anything sexual in these experiences. There was NEVER ANY fondling of ANY parts of my breasts nor any other private parts, nor were there any sexual undertones in any way Michael spoke or acted. At the time I was 23 years old, and if Michael would have been a molester, or had had a sexual agenda, he could have definitely taken advantage of me because I was an adult, and Michael couldn't have gotten into trouble. But I am still a virgin at 27 years of age, and have never been touched in a sexual way by Michael.

While Michael's hand was upon my heart, he prayed for me. Michael shared with me that when I am in pain, He feels it also. Everything I feel, He feels. He shared with me that I don't have to be anyone else; he told me that he accepted me for who I am. He said to just let it all go and be healed, and not to worry about anything, to just trust myself with God. I could feel the Spirit of peace coming out of Michael and going into me, and that peace felt so good. I then went back into the bathroom and dressed, and then into the living room and waited, because Michael was getting dressed in the bedroom.

After being naked with Michael, I felt the walls within my heart break. Michael set my heart free so I could actually be me and not be afraid of what other people might think. His heart for me became a secure place. I knew He didn't look down on me. I became free to follow my heart and be who God created me to be, without fear of being rejected. My heart was like a bird set free from a cage of fear. Michael's touch was a healing balm to my soul. It calmed the storms I had felt for so many years. I noticed a vulnerability with God that I didn't have before. I could feel the release of that vulnerability to God, and it felt good. Also, I noticed a freedom from the inner walls that had been so oppressive and restrictive when I was relating to other people. This experience totally changed my life.

Growing up I had always felt there was something different about Wayne and was always drawn to the Spirit of God that I felt within him, even though I hardly ever saw him. I was six years old when I first met him, and I never felt like he would hurt me. I knew deep inside that I could trust him completely. When Wayne became Michael, I felt a knowing down in me that Michael was who he said he was, the Son of God. He was not just a man, but had received the anointing of God to heal our innermost souls. I know that this is why I was able to be healed by Michael.

Every soul is born with the Spirit of the Son of God within them, but most choose not to follow it. Our conscience is the Voice of God. Humanly, Wayne is no different than us, but he committed himself to always follow the Spirit of the Son of God within him, as every person can do. And this is what I was freed to do when Michael healed me.

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