L.S.'s to the District Attorney

June 25, 2008
Office of the District Attorney
Eighth Judicial District 
State of New Mexico
920 Salazar Rd. #A
Taos, New Mexico 87571-4012

Re: State of New Mexico vs. Wayne Bent AKA Michael Travesser

Dear Donald Gallegos:

       I was informed that people think I am a victim of some crime committed by the above-named defendant, Michael. I am unaware of ANY crime committed by him, OR that I was a victim of. I was sent a "Victim Impact Statement," but I am NOT a victim, and I will not sign them or any paper saying that I am.
       I was given a copy of the "Grand Jury Indictment." In the first charge against Michael, it states as follows: "...Wayne Bent, did unlawfully and intentionally touch or apply force to the unclothed intimate parts of L.S. and L.S. was at least thirteen but less than eighteen years of age, and the above-named defendant, Wayne Bent was in a position of authority and used that authority to coerce L.S, to submit." 
       NO, NO, and NO. NONE of those things occurred EVER, and I have testified over and over again that they haven't. Michael NEVER molested me or touched me sexually in any way, nor did he use authority to coerce me. Why can't you hypocrite believe me?
       The charges brought against Michael are false, and you have NO proof for them. It was because of these very same charges that you allowed CYFD to kidnap me from my home. You say you just want to make sure I am safe and not being abused. I have stated over and over and OVER again that I am safe, secure, and very happy in Strong City, unlike in your world where I have experienced much pain, sadness, loneliness, and heartache. I have also made it very clear that Michael has NOT sexually abused or touched me in any way. So why do you hypocrites not believe me? I am nearly seventeen! I know what I am talking about and what has occurred.
       I do not know who brought the charges against Michael, but whoever they are, they were not present when I was with Michael or witness anything that occurred between us. The only people present were Michael and myself, and we told you what happened, but you still believe a lie instead of the truth. I have told people over and over again that Michael did NOT sexually abuse me, use me, molest me, touch me inappropriately or sexually, or force himself upon me to submit to him in any way. Everything he did and does was and is at my request and desire. It was pure, heavenly, and undefiled by any perversions or human lusts or sexual desires. It was purely of God, and it was all legal. Michael NEVER initiated or asked for anything.
       Your world is what is unsafe. Murders, rapes, molestations, adultery, "minors" getting pregnant out of wed-lock and some of them have their babies killed, which is called an abortion, and it is lawful for them to have their babies killed in that way. All these things happen in your world everyday, but have NEVER occurred in Strong City, and you want me in your world? Hello, is anyone home??? You are absolutely out of your mind and have gone mad to take me out of a place where NONE of those things exist and stick me in your world cult where those things thrive.
       So who gave you the authority to say it is a crime for a young woman, who has gone through puberty, to lay naked and skin to skin with an older man than her, AT HER REQUEST? Who told you it isn't right? Did God? How do you find it ok for men to marry men and women to marry women, and even find it ok for a young woman under the age of eighteen to marry a man near her age, but do not find it ok for her to marry an older man? Did God give you this judgement and authority? No, so why are you having such a fuss about Michael's and my relationship when there has not been any sexual contact at all whether molestation, rape, sex, or sexual touch?
       I have posted my testimony on the Internet and I have also stated it orally many times. I shared everything there is to share. I have not hidden anything, but I have been accosted with questioning as though I am. I haven't told you what you've wanted to hear, so you trample on the truth and want me to tell you a lie. But be- cause I won't lie to you, you have twisted what I have said to make it say what you want it to say. You just pick out the parts in my testimony that satisfies your purpose but omit the rest. You are so gross and evil-hearted. I am disgusted with what you have done. You have perverted justice, and it stick to high Heaven.
       What happened to freedom of religion? Why can't I, another human being just like you, be free to do as the God of Heaven is leading me? Who gave you the authority to step in between God and His creation? What makes you think what you are doing is right? What authority did God give you to interrupt the flow of our lives in Strong City when there has been no crimes of any kind whether it be sexual abuse, neglect, or control of hearts, minds or bodies by any human being? Did the God of heaven? No, for you do not even believe there is a God. If you did, you would believe Michael's and my testimonies and also that of those in Strong City and leave us to follow God as He directs us. It is none of your business what we do. But instead your heart is hardened and you say, "Who is your God that I should obey Him?" There are going to be consequences for you because of what you are doing. You are perverting justice and blaspheming the God of Heaven. God won't looked you over, but your judgments will look you in the face.
       I would like to make clear to you right now that I am NOT a victim of Michael, and I will NOT play the roll of a victim whatsoever. I will NOT witness for you against Michael in ANY court. I am not your puppet and I will not let you use me to prosecute Michael. I will NOT take the stand as a witness against Michael for you and lie. I will NOT be cooperating with you or CYFD in anything ANYMORE. 
       I am NOT the State's property, and I do not owe them any obligations. I am God's property - the One Who made me, and I want to be free to study, believe, and live as I desire. God gave me a conscience and I have the right to follow where He is leading me.
       I would like to ask to be released to my parents' custody with no restrictions on where I can and can't go and what I can and can't do. I do not want ANYTHING to do with the CYFD and the State anymore, and I want to be let go unconditionally and completely free of any agreement or connection with CYFD or the State. I want to be cut off clean and completely free, and I will NOT be cooperating with you or CYFD in anything anymore. And I want the State to return to me my journal that they stole from me.
       My Father in Heaven put it strongly on my heart to write this letter to you on June 22, and He told me very clearly that I am to be done with you and to not play your game anymore. I AM NOT your partner in your game of total injustice. You have not believed me, and I want you to clearly understand right now that I am done, and I will not be speaking of these matters with you anymore. I will not be answering any more questioning in this regard anymore also. Believe my testimony without twisting it and drop the charges you have against Michael and release me to my parents' custody. 

Lakeisha R. Sayer AKA Healed


October 27, 2008
Tomas Benavidez
Deputy District Attorney
P. O. Box 642
Clayton, New Mexico 88415

Re: State of New Mexico vs. Wayne Bent AKA Michael Travesser

Dear Tomas Benavidez;

       This past week has been very difficult for me. I wrote a letter to you on October 19th, and asked to be excused from participating in an evaluation and from witnessing at Michael's trial. I explained that I asked this because my Heavenly Father told me not to participate in either things and that it is against my conscience and religious beliefs to go against what my Father has told me to do. But you passed it off and did not care that it was against my conscience. You only care about your own agenda.

       You say you're legally bound to present the evidence. What evidence? That you're lying about my relationship with Michael and have broken my trust in you? You're intentions aren't doing anything but hurting me. No, you are not trying to protect me from a sexual pervert as you want it to appear. You are trying to protect me from the Son of God, my Husband whom my heart is married and one with because the same Spirit that is in Him is in me. You want to kill His Seed His Spirit in me.

       If Michael had done what you are doing to me now and hurt me, I would have left Him long ago, but He has only loved me. I love Him because He first loved me.

       I cannot appreciate what you are doing when it is based on lies. I can't cooperate with you when you want everyone to bow down to what you want and force, coerce, and imprison anyone who does not. I know first hand because that is what you have done with me. All you have been doing is using me along with my parents for your own agenda.

       Sir, I have been honest and open with you and everyone I have talked to, but you have only taken advantage of me and hurt me. I can't trust you. I can't even trust that you will present my testimony fairly and not put it in a different context than what I meant it in. You have wanted to trap me in my words. You have even lied about what I have said. You even stole my journal from me just so you could use it against my dear Michael. Michael has NEVER done this to me or anyone else or even done anything close to it or like it. Michael has proven to me to be trustworthy, but you have proven to me to be untrustworthy. Michael respects my conscience; you have not. I can trust Michael, but I can't trust you.

       I have been vulnerable with and poured my heart out to my precious Friend, Michael, and He never forced me to do anything but only dealt with me in the most respectful, tender, and gentlest way possible. Never once did He hurt or take advantage of me, and this is why I have loved and trusted Him so much. Now, on the other hand, I have been vulnerable with and shared some very intimate personal things with you that are a blessing and a treasure to me and mean a lot to me, and you have only dealt with me in a very inhumane way. You have only taken advantage of me to fulfill your own agenda. You have not helped me but only have broken my heart and caused me much pain and heartache all because you willingly believe a lie, and you have no heart or feelings in regard to how this whole experience has been for me. Michael has NEVER done this to me in all my life. You are the one, yes, YOU who have and are hurting, abusing, using, forcing and coercing a "minor." Yes, you are the one who has committed a violent crime against a "minor," not Michael.

       Not only do you make up that I am a victim of Michael but you also won't allow me to talk to my beloved Michael and my true spiritual family and friends, even though it has been heartbreaking for me. Why are you insisting so persistently that I am a victim of Michael when I have stated over and over again that I'm not and that I don't feel like I am or in fact am? I have never felt hurt by Him or in fact have never been hurt by Him. If anything I have felt like I've been a victim of you and I have been very hurt by you. You are the one who should be charged with violent crimes against "minors," not Michael.

       Many times my heart has just wept for my heart has been crushed. It has felt like my heart has been being ripped to pieces by a wild beast, and you are that beast. You have taken away my sight to live according to my conscience unless I live by your standards, and you have enforced your rules on my parents. Why do you and my parents like depriving me of my happiness? Can't you and my parents do something that will really help me and make me happy and return me to Strong City rather than hurt me and destroy my happiness? I was just fine and content and happy until CYFD took me. Are you jealous of my happiness at the land? Is that why you won't let me return? Don't you get my point? Don't you understand where I am coming from? Don't you have any heart or are you as cold as stone with no feelings? Can't you knock some sense into your brain? I don't mean to offend you, but you're insane and your actions come from insanity, and you are hurting me because of it.

       You think I need time to disentangle myself from this "cult" and you think no contact with those in the "cult" will help. It will not. My heart is set and focused, and I will not stand down or bow the knee to you and your lies. I want to be free to live where I want, do what I want, and believe as I want, and I want you and everyone else to stop trying to molest my conscience, and leave me be, and I mean it. I am done with your lies and hogwash that Michael sexually touched me and contributed to my being delinquent. I am not supporting you falsely accusing my precious Husband Michael, anymore. I am done, and I want you to stop trying to force it on me and let me return to Strong City today, not someday for someday will never come.

       I have seen clearly that God does not own the soul or have the right to tell a soul what to do in your eyes. You think you do because you think you're God. You want to imprison me and be in control of me and force me to obey you, but I can't because it is against my conscience and what my Father has told me. You are against God, and you are trying to put Him in a box, or more plainly, to kill Him in me so He can't do what He wants with me, His creation unless you approve of what He does. But I am done now, and I won't be letting you put my conscience under your thumb anymore or give into your lies.

       Saturday night, October 25, I knew I was to stop eating and begin fasting. Presently, I am only taking water. My heart is fully with my beloved Michael and all those with Him, and I will continue my fast until I am released from my captivity and returned to Strong City or my Father comes for me and takes me home. I am going with Michael to the very end. I must have justice served. I have borne much mental pressure and stress these last six months, but my heart and body are done now. I was very well physically and mentally when I was at Strong City, but since I was taken I have experienced not only mental pressure and stress, but also body ills which I did not have at Strong City. I had a very bad cold and I threw up several different times while in CYFD custody, and this past week I got a type of pink eye. I never had these ills and sicknesses at Strong City. I was very well taken care of and I was free to follow my conscience which I have been denied the right to here by you. Well, I am done and I am not your victim anymore. I will be true to my conscience and what my Father has told me to do. My heart desires and prays for judgment and justice to be served. I am so sick of evil, sin, sinners, lies and liars, and I just want to go home to my dear Michael and family and friends. Mr. Benevidez, please if you have any heart left, let me go back to Strong City.

Very Sincerely,

Lakeisha R. Sayer AKA Healed

P.S. Will you please be sure Sarah Montoya receives a copy of this letter. Thank you!