Carol Rose Travesser's statement of support

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset


My Name is Carol Rose Travesser aka Raphaela. Before the trial of Wayne Bent, his public defender, Sarah Montoya requested that I be a witness in his trial. But because I had recently moved out of state, she did not subpoena me to testify. I have known Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser close to 21 years. I will never forget what he has done for my daughters (Amber Pierce and Ashley Pickle aka Danielle) and myself. My reason for writing this letter is because I am just really fed up with officials keeping an innocent man in jail, while allowing murderers and sex offenders to roam the streets. They don't even go by their own laws of prosecution. My heart cannot take it anymore.

In Wayne Bent's trial it was brought up, and quickly stifled, that L.S. had been molested by "another man, not Wayne Bent," when she was young, years before going to Michael for healing. Therefore she knew "the difference between good touch and bad touch." This man who had molested L.S. during a time her family was not living at Strong City, molested my own daughter Amber months later. He was a relative, and we were not living at Strong City during this time. This was late summer of 2001, when my daughter was 6 years old. We went straight to Mr. Bent and he talked to my daughter, the relative and myself. He also disfellowshipped the relative and said he could no longer come to Strong City. When I went to the Sheriff's office, I did not press charges at the time because the Sheriff told me that it would go to the Prosecuting Attorney's office and whether I pressed charges or not, the DA would decide what to do with the case. The Sheriff told me there in Clayton, New Mexico, that under the law of molestation if what happened falls into the category of molestation than that Prosecuting Attorney will do accordingly. The Sheriff gave me copies of the molestation codes and I read them, and what happened to my daughter fell into the code. So rightfully the DA should have pressed charges, according to what the Sheriff told me. So at that time, I felt the DA would do the right thing. What I felt back then, and to this day, was, "How can they be trusted to protect people and their children if sometimes they press charges and other times they don't?"

So when I contemplated all this in my heart, I just knew that the justice system could not be trusted, at least not there. Still in my heart I knew people could not be trusted. And also God had shown me I needed to forgive myself for not doing anything about it. I had to go through a healing process that took a very long time. I had a lot of anger in my heart towards a lot of people, including myself. How could the parents testify against Wayne Bent, who did not do anything to their daughters, but did not testify against a man that molested their youngest girl and tried with the older girl also. It doesn't make sense to me at all. What that relative did to my daughter, and theirs, was an criminal act, but what Michael Travesser did for their girls was a healing experience, a healing act.

Michael also helped my little girl at that time go through a process of healing. He never laid skin to skin with her but held her and made her feel safe and whenever she needed to talk to someone or cry, he was there for her. He always took the time to spend time with her and help her through her process. Just this past fall, she became very very ill and I did all I could for her and I knew that if Michael spoke to her through her sister Danielle, then she would be well. And sure enough, after Michael spoke to her through her sister, she was well. She missed about 5 weeks of school because of that illness. So you see, Michael only heals, he doesn't hurt us and never would. I also had a miraculous healing take place in my body by Michael putting his hand on my sternum. I felt his virtue go through my entire body and I was healed of the "issue of blood". That healing experience is a testimony of itself.

If I could take the stand and be a Witness, this is what I would say and more. Also, please, in God's name, free Michael Travesser. If you don't, then I know very well he is in jail because of who he says he is. And yes, he is a man filled with the Spirit of God, on this earth to do God's purpose. God told me to not deny Michael, so this letter is past due, but I cannot stop from sending it. Before, nothing would flow out of my heart through my fingertips, but now as I finish this letter it took but a few minutes to type.

Wayne Bent was charged and put in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was accused of molestation, even after the facts were stated by the so called "victims" themselves. They both stated that he did not molest them. The system even dropped another case, and this girl was even younger then L.S. It just stands to reason that something is wrong with the system. If people could just see it, the jury convicted an innocent man. I hear of a lot of people in prison for a crime they did not commit. Some finally get out after spending years in prison, but others rot away in prison, never a chance to receive his or her freedom. I knew of one person that got out after spending 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Who is going to give this man his 20 years back? What happens to the people who wrongfully put him in prison? This is not a joke!!! There are lives at stake here.


Carol Rose Travesser

Note: When I wrote this statement out, I felt like I needed to get Amber's permission before sharing it, because it was about her. After I explained to her what I was going to do, I asked her if I could read to her what I had written. She said yes, and when I read it to her she said she didn't mind. After that she looked at me and said, "Well Mom, can I write a letter too?" And so she did.

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