Amber Pierce's statement of support

Michael Travesser / Wayne Bent at sunset

Hello. My name is Amber Pierce. I'm only fifteen years old, and I know that I don't have as many rights as you adults do. But it would greatly take to my pleasure if you would read this letter.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much Wayne Bent has changed my life. Why, why would you put such a sweet, forgiving, loving man in prison?

Seven years ago, that very man was the one who was always there for me. He was the one who taught me about God — it was almost as if he were my father. I knew that I could trust him, even if all the world turned against me. Have you ever trusted and loved someone so much, that you would do anything for them? Well, I trust Wayne more than anyone else in the world, and, if you would let me, I would be overjoyed to take his place in imprisonment so that he could be free without the title of 'sex offender'.

You might say, "Hey, you're just brain-washed." No, I am not. I go to public school, which Wayne has often spoken against, and I also have designed my own standards of right and wrong and of how I should live. Wayne doesn't control my brain, nor has he brain-washed me, or even tried to do either of these things.

Do I believe that he is the son of God? No, I know he is. I also know that we are all sons and daughters of God, but we have the choice to reject that title. Wayne has chosen not to reject it, but you have put him in prison for following God's instructions. By doing so, you've hurt me more than words can say, and if you have any respect for a minor, please, please let me take his place, or let him go.

I understand why you put him behind bars. I have a way of looking at things through other people's points of view, as well as my own. But Wayne has not gone against any of your laws. He hasn't molested anyone. He's only made me, along with many other people, feel so much happier, so much better about who we are. Those who say that he has hurt them or made their lives worse have only made it worse for themselves.

So please, if you would, try and feel the way I do about him being put in prison. The only person who hasn't hurt me in one way or another, but has helped me greatly, has lost his freedom, and now I'm trying to help him in return. So if you would, could you help me to return the favor to him? Because I can't do it on my own.

Maybe adults would do better to listen to minors for once. All my thanks for taking your time to read this letter.


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